Homebrewer of the Year: An Epic Battle of Brewing Skills

The GRiST Homebrewer of the Year (HBoY) and GRiST Brewer of the Year (GBoY) are a "battle royale" to settle at long last who is the best brewer in the club (at least for this year). The winners will have their name engraved on the GRiST HBoY and GBOY trophies, receive a major reward and will bask in the adulation of their peers. These competitions are open only to GRiST members who are paid in full for the current year. 

Homebrewer of the Year

The Homebrewer award recognizes the brewer that best represents GRiST outside the club in external BJCP competitions.  Points are awarded for entering and placing in BJCP competitions and there is a requirement to participate in GRiST competitions Brewers must email their results to the GRiST VP to be included in the competition.

Brewers will be limited to the best 5 results received in a BJCP competition. Scores must be submitted within two months of the competition’s completion.  Entries made with a club other than GRiST will not count. Please note, GRiST’s NoVa Classic is considered a BJCP competition and NOT an internal competition because club members are not entitled to free entries.  The HBoY winner is not eligible for the GBoY award

HBoY Points:

  • 6 points for 1st place

  • 4 points for 2nd place

  • 2 points for 3rd place

  • 4 points for best in show (BJCP competition only)

  • 1 point for an entry that does not place (limit 5)

  • 2 points for volunteering at a non-GRiST BJCP competition (judging, stewarding, etc limit 1)

  • BJCP results limited to best 5 best score from different BJCP subcategories (for example, 3A and 3B)

  • Brewers must judge, steward or enter at least 2 internal GRiST competitions


GRiST Brewer of the Year


The GRiST Brewer of the Year recognizes the brewer that performs best in GRiST competitions and contributes to the club through club competition judging or stewarding and outreach volunteering.  To be eligible, you must judge or steward at least one GRiST competition or volunteer at one outreach event or education session.


Outreach events are anything where GRiST promotes our club and homebrewing and can include the GRiST’s NoVa Classic, National Learn to Homebrew Day, general outreach events, volunteering to give a educational session, volunteering at a GRiST volunteer opportunity, acting as a brewing mentor, hosting a happy hour, conducting an experiment or any other events where the club asks for volunteers.  Points will be reported by the member of GRiST leadership running the particular event.

For GRiST Club competitions:

  • 6 points for 1st place

  • 4 points for 2nd place

  • 2 points for 3rd place

  • 1 point for entry that does not place

  • 1 point each time you judge a GRIST-sponsored competition

  • 1 bonus point if you enter or judge all 6 GRIST-sponsored competitions

  • Tie breaker will be total scores of beers submitted

  • Best 5 scores will be counted towards the competition


Fine Print:


Members trigger their entry into HBoY competition by submitting an external competition score sheet from a BJCP competition or proof of volunteering.  A link to the competition web site is sufficient to report placing.  Submitting a score for entering only (one point) is on the honor systemOnly points earned in the current calendar year will count towards this year’s award.  If the competition does not have a website with winners, a verified award (ribbon, certificate, etc.) will be acceptable to prove placing.

The purpose of HoY is to encourage brewers to enter multiple BJCP competitions and to submit multiple styles.  For scoring purposes, entrants are limited to their single best results in outside competitions from up to five BJCP subcategories (3A and 3B are considered separate subcategories/styles).  You can earn a maximum of 10 cumulative points for EACH non-GRiST eligible competition. Feel free to enter as many competitions as you would like, but only one result per BJCP style/category will be accepted. Co-brewers are not eligible for the HBoY contest. If an entrant disagrees with any point allocation by the vice president, that person may appeal the decision to the GRiST Executive Committee for a determination of a score.

Members trigger their entry into GBoY competition by entering (or judging) at least ONE of our six internal GRiST competitions. GRiST score sheets will automatically be entered. GBoY contestants must inform vice president of the club outreach activity they participated in.


If at the end of the year there is a tie between multiple homebrewers, the winner will be determined by the following criteria in order:


  1. # Best in Shows

  2. Most 1st Place Awards

  3. Most 2nd Place Awards

  4. Most 3rd Place Awards

  5. Thumb wrestling (best 2 of 3)


  1. Most total points (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in GRiST competitions

  2. Most 1st Place Awards

  3. Most 2nd Place Awards

  4. Most 3rd Place Awards

  5. Staring competition

Rankings for the 2018 HoY/GBoY Contest

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