Club Competitions for 2019

March: Irish Beers and Stouts

April: Iron (B)Reuwer Pale Ales

  • Brew a pale ale with a hop selected at random at the February meeting.

June: Session Beer and Food Pairing

  • Brew a session beer (<5% ABV) and pair with a food at the Pig Roast on June 22.

  • Judging to be conducted by popular vote at Pig Roast.

  • Special prize to lowest ABV beer.

September: German Beer Pro-Am

  • Brew a German-style beer with another member.

November: Belgian and Trappist Ales

December: Winter Warmers


  • Competitions are limited to members in good standing (i.e., have paid dues).

  • Entries should be dropped off at the meeting for the month in which the competition will be held or at another time and location, as determined by the steward.

  • Entries are limited to 1 per head brewer per competition. Both brewers shall be considered head brewers for purposes of any Pro-Am competition.

  • Entries shall consist of 2 10-12 oz. bottles with a BJCP bottle form secured with a rubber band.

  • Bottles shall be free from other labels, tape, glue, or other identifying marks. Bottles with raised lettering are allowed, but highly discouraged. Grolsch, flip top, and 22 ounce bottles are not acceptable.

  • Please refrain from announcing to club members what you are entering for the competition as no person may serve as a judge if the person has knowledge of the association between entries and entrants.

  • All competitions (except the June competition) will be judged in accordance with the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines.

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