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Greater appreciation for the art and science of homebrewing in all its forms.


The mission of GRiST is

  • To promote the home brewing hobby to its members and other interested parties;

  • To promote awareness and appreciation of the quality and variety of home brewed fermented beverages through science, education, and research;

  • To provide a framework and forum for members to share information and experiences;

  • To share home brewed samples with other members; and

  • To promote the responsible use and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages.



GRIST Homebrew Club:

  • Is affiliated with the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

  • Is associated with other local Washington, D.C. area home brew clubs for the cordial and shared advancement and better understanding of the art of homebrewing.

  • Is a responsible member of the communities of Northern Virginia.

  • Holds competitions and/or competes using the guidelines for brewing and judging styles of beer and mead as outlined by the Beer Judging Certificate Program (BJCP).

View our bylaws:

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